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Learn to Swim Kids Programs

Swimming, a skill that proves to be a life saver at the same time a healthy activity to keep your children fit. The skill of swimming when acquired at the early years of the child can go a long way.
  • Safe, Fun & Friendly Learn to swim Private facility for Kids!
  • Open throughout the year*
  • Small class size
  • Heated Pool 320C
  • Free Trial lesson available
  • Certificates & Rewards

Swimming Schools Cranbourne

Star swim schools, being one of the best in the business, provides an ideal environment for babies to learn and master the art of swimming. With groups of small class sizes your child is better focused and trained by expert instructors and friendly staff. With strategically devised activities and baby swimming lessons we make learning fun and easy.

Baby Swimming Lessons are conducted all throughout the year, 49 weeks with the exception of few weeks with an aim to deliver a consistent and continual learning which enhance the pace of your child’s learning. You can be rest assured your child gets the best when it comes to individual attention and care which goes a long way when done right at the initial phase.

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Baby Swimming Lessons

Building trust and confidence in children is a key necessity in any learning environment. We at Star swim schools achieve those goals, thanks to our expert swimming instructors and skilled support staff. The children group size is usually 3 to 6, which enables us to provide personalised attention and care for each child.

The levels are strategically put together by experts providing the best training and outcome in a limited period of time. The skill of swimming when acquired at the early years of the child can go a long way.

Why choose Star swim schools?

  • Small group comprising of 3 to 6 children
  • Interactive swimming lessons through activities and games
  • Clean and well-maintained facility
  • Expert instructors and support staffs
  • Free and accurate assessment of the child’s swimming ability
Swimming lessons
Learn to swim

Safety Notes:

  • Children younger than 5 years require a parent within arm's reach all the time.
  • Children under 10 years must be supervised by a parent
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