Star Swim Schools Clyde Terms and Conditions

"Account" shall refer to the account held at your financial institution or credit card facility, as applicable, from which we are duly authorized to arrange for funds to be debited.

"Business day" shall mean any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in Victoria, Australia. . "Debit day" shall denote the specific day upon which payment by you to us is stipulated to be due. . "Debit payment" shall signify a discrete transaction wherein a debit is effectuated.

"Direct debit request" shall encompass your executed direct debit request form, annexed hereto as part of these Terms and Conditions.

"Terms and Conditions" shall denote the present Direct Debit Request Terms & Conditions.

"Us" or "we" shall signify Star Swim Schools Clyde Pty Ltd ABN 22 307 299 662, herein referred to as the Debit User, as duly authorized by your execution of a direct debit request.

"You" shall denote the duly authorized party who has executed the direct debit request.

"Your financial institution" shall refer to the financial institution wherein you maintain the account which you have duly authorized us to debit.

Star Swim Schools Clyde Conditions of Entry

Check-in Procedure:
Swimmers are required to check in at Reception to register their attendance for each lesson.

Make-Up for Missed Lessons:
Star Swim Schools Clyde endeavors to provide one (1) Make-Up lesson in the form of a token per swimmer, per calendar month, provided that notification of the absence is received one (1) hour prior to the scheduled lesson time. Make-Up tokens for absenteeism must be utilized within ninety (90) days of the missed lesson and may be carried over during break periods. A Make-Up lesson token will be allocated within the Customer Portal subsequent to the confirmation of notification and the passage of the missed lesson. To partake in a Make-Up lesson, swimmers must maintain an active enrollment and have no outstanding fees against their account. These Make-Up lessons are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and expire ninety (90) days after issuance if not utilized. Any accrued Make-Up tokens will be forfeited upon cancellation of the student's booking(s). Make-Up lessons are contingent upon availability and cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, Make-Up lessons will not be provided for lessons missed during the Holiday program. In the event of lesson cancellation by Star Swim Schools Clyde due to unforeseen circumstances, a credit for the swimming lesson will be issued for application toward a future direct debit.

Suspension of Lessons:
Lessons may be suspended in advance for a minimum of two (2) weeks and a maximum of eight (8) lessons per year, subject to a charge of $5.00 per lesson. Suspended lesson charges will be incorporated into the monthly payment run corresponding to the lesson's scheduled date. Families may opt to utilize Make-Ups for short-term absences due to medical reasons, while suspension fees may be applied for extended periods of absence to maintain the designated lesson time.

Cancellations and Refunds:
Per clauses 3.2 and 3.3 of the Star Swim Schools Clyde Direct Debit Request Service Agreement, families may terminate their enrollment by providing one (1) month's notice in writing. Direct debits will be settled up until the conclusion of the calendar month, after which Star Swim Schools Clyde reserves the right to terminate enrollment. No refunds will be issued for canceled lessons, as spaces are reserved for the duration of enrollment. Refunds will solely be granted in the event of an error attributable to Star Swim Schools Clyde, such as overcharging an account. Credits, at the discretion of Star Swim Schools Clyde, will remain valid for twelve (12) months from the cancellation date and may only be utilized for our Learn to Swim programs at our facility. Cancellations must be submitted in writing using the provided Cancellation form, accessible at

Facility Rules:
All posted signage within the facility must be adhered to, including rules prohibiting diving and running.

Prohibited Items:
The introduction of glass or other breakable items onto the premises is strictly prohibited.

Hygiene Requirement:
Non-toilet trained students must wear suitable swim nappies while swimming. Swim nappies are available for purchase at Reception.

Personal Property:
Patrons are advised not to leave personal belongings unattended. Star Swim Schools Clyde assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property on its premises.

All patrons aged 15 and younger must be actively supervised by a parent, guardian, or other responsible individual aged 16 or older while present anywhere on or within the premises of Star Swim Schools Clyde. It is emphasized that supervision by Star Swim Schools Clyde personnel supplements, rather than replaces, this requirement.

Class Area Access:
Swimmers are prohibited from entering class teaching areas, whether in use or not, prior to or after their scheduled class.

Behavioural Standards:
Inappropriate conduct, whether physical, verbal, or otherwise, may lead to expulsion from the premises.

Substance-Free Environment:
Star Swim Schools Clyde maintains a policy of being a drug and alcohol-free venue. Any individual suspected of being under the influence or using such substances will be denied entry.

No Smoking Policy:
Star Swim Schools Clyde operates as a smoke-free venue.

Learning Guarantee:
Ongoing assessment of each swimmer's progress is conducted, with assessments available upon request. Additionally, swimmers enrolled in the Core program at Jellyfish Levels 1 to 3, with regular attendance for 32 lessons or more and remaining in the same level, qualify for additional lessons until progression to the next level. This provision excludes Parent Child, Squad, and Private lessons.

Electronic Devices:
The use of cameras, mobile phones, and electronic recording devices must comply with Star Swim Schools Clyde's privacy policy, available at Prior permission from staff is required before capturing any photographs of swimmers within the facility.

Emergency Procedures:
In the event of an emergency, patrons are instructed to follow the guidance provided by Star Swim Schools Clyde staff.

General Policies:
Teacher and Class Allocation: While efforts are made to maintain consistency in teacher and class assignments, circumstances beyond our control may necessitate changes.

Medical Consent:
You affirm that your swimmers do not have any medical conditions that may impede their participation in swimming lessons. In the event of a medical condition, confirmation is provided that the condition has been evaluated by a medical practitioner, who has deemed it safe for the student to partake in swimming lessons. Additionally, consent is granted for emergency medical treatment to be administered by Star Swim Schools Clyde staff in the event of an emergency.

Notified absence: A singular notification of a swimmer's inability to attend a lesson. Cancelled lessons: Permanent withdrawal from all classes within Star Swim Schools Clyde programs. Enrolment: Active registration in an ongoing lesson. Make-Up lesson: An additional session provided for a notified absence. Replacement lesson: An additional session arranged for an unplanned cancellation or facility closure. Suspended lessons: Enrolment placed on temporary hold for a specified duration, incurring a cost per lesson.

I hereby grant Star Swim Schools Clyde Pty Ltd, its representatives, and employees the right to capture or utilize self-produced photographs and videos of the specified swimmer(s) and my property in relation to the aforementioned subject. I authorize Star Swim Schools Clyde, its assigns, and transferees to copyright, employ, and publish such materials in print, film, electronically, and on digital platforms owned by Star Swim Schools Clyde. I consent to the utilization of such film, photographs, or images of me, with or without the swimmer's first name, for lawful purposes, including, but not limited to, publicity, multimedia production, illustration, advertising (e.g., brochures, billboards, newspapers), and web content across Star Swim Schools Clyde managed centers and platforms.

Legislative and Industry Requirements:
This policy is formulated in adherence to and is substantiated by the following documents: Consumer Affairs Victoria - Australian Consumer Law Guide - Avoiding unfair business practices - Refunds and Credit Notes.

  1. Debiting Your Account:
1.1 Pursuant to the execution of a direct debit request, you have conferred upon us the authority to effectuate the debiting of funds from your account. It is imperative that you consult both the direct debit request and these Terms & Conditions to delineate the terms governing the arrangement between us and you. 1.2 We shall undertake the debiting of funds from your account solely in accordance with the authorization stipulated within the direct debit request. 1.3 In the event that the scheduled debit day coincides with a day not classified as a Business Day, we reserve the prerogative to instruct your financial institution to effect the debit from your account on the subsequent Business Day. 1.4 Should any uncertainty arise concerning the scheduled debit day for your account, it is advisable to seek clarification from your financial institution.

  1. Changes by Us:
2.1 We retain the authority to amend any particulars of these Terms & Conditions or a direct debit request at our discretion, providing you with written notice at least forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed alterations taking effect. Notices shall be dispatched to the email address specified in your direct debit request.

  1. Changes by You:
3.1 Subject to clause 3.2, you retain the liberty to modify the arrangements outlined in a direct debit request by contacting us at 0493433076 or by updating your details through the Star Swim Schools Clyde Customer Portal. 3.2 You reserve the right to revoke your authorization for us to debit your account at any juncture, by furnishing written notice comprising one (1) month's advance notification. This notification must be submitted in writing utilizing the prescribed "Cancellation Form," available at

  1. Your Obligations:
4.1 It is incumbent upon you to ensure the availability of adequate clear funds in your account by the due date, facilitating the processing of a debit payment in accordance with the direct debit request. 4.2 In the event of insufficient clear funds in your account to fulfill a debit payment: (a) Your financial institution may impose fees and/or interest charges. (b) You shall incur a dishonour fee from us amounting to $10 per dishonoured transaction. (c) In order to facilitate the processing of the debit payment, you must arrange for an alternate payment method or ensure sufficient clear funds are available in your account within five (5) days from the date on which the initial debit payment could not be processed. (d) Should outstanding fees persist beyond five (5) business days, fees shall be reprocessed from your nominated account. (e) Any outstanding fees for lessons after ten (10) business days shall result in cancellation. 4.3 You expressly acknowledge and agree that the dishonour fee specified in clause 4.2(b) is equitable and a bona fide estimation of the expenses incurred in circumstances where we are unable to process your direct debit request. 4.4 It is your responsibility to scrutinize your account statement to ensure the accuracy of debited amounts. 4.5 We reserve the right to immediately terminate your account should you fail to comply with clause 4.2(c).

5. Dispute:
5.1 If you believe an error has occurred in debiting your account, you must promptly inform us at 0493433076 and subsequently provide written confirmation to expedite resolution of your query. Should the matter remain unresolved, you retain the option to refer it to your financial institution, which will solicit details regarding the disputed transaction and may lodge a claim on your behalf. 5.2 Upon concluding our investigations and determining an incorrect debit, we will arrange for your financial institution to rectify your account (inclusive of interest and charges) accordingly. Additionally, we shall notify you in writing of the adjusted amount. 5.3 Should our investigations yield no evidence of an incorrect debit, we shall respond to your query in writing, furnishing reasons and supporting evidence for our findings.

  1. Accounts
6.1 It is incumbent upon you to: (a) Verify with your financial institution the availability of direct debiting from your account, as not all accounts offered by financial institutions may support direct debiting through BECS. (b) Confirm the accuracy of the account details provided to us by cross-referencing them against a recent account statement. (c) Ensure the accuracy of the credit card details provided to us, where applicable.

  1. Privacy:
7.1 We shall handle the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information in conformity with our privacy policy, accessible at: Star Swim Schools Clyde Pty Ltd is collecting the personal information requested in the direct debit request to establish direct debit arrangements for you and to administer an account for swimming lessons concerning the swimmers specified in the direct debit request. Failure to provide this information may impede our ability to establish direct debit arrangements and manage your account. We may disclose collected personal information (excluding personal banking information) to third-party service providers for program and service provision, research and development, as well as marketing and promotional activities. Some service providers utilized for the services outlined in this form are located outside of Australia, potentially leading to the storage and limited accessibility of your personal information by these providers. Our comprehensive privacy policy, accessible at, details how you can access or rectify any personal information held by us, file a privacy complaint, and how such complaints will be addressed. For inquiries, contact us at:

  1. Notice:
8.1 Any communications pertaining to these Terms & Conditions or your direct debit request should be conveyed via email to 8.2 We shall utilize the email address nominated in the direct debit request to reach out to you when necessary. It is your responsibility to inform us promptly of any changes to your email address or contact details. 8.3 Emails shall be deemed received upon dispatch, unless the sender receives notification indicating unsuccessful transmission. I acknowledge that Star Swim Schools Clyde may employ such film, photographs, or images in diverse projects pertaining to the aforementioned subject, for a duration deemed suitable by the organization. I have read and comprehended the foregoing provisions: