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This could be your best opportunity to join the Star Swim School’s franchise. Star swim schools create an excellent atmosphere for kids to learn swimming via our perfected swim program. We provide personalised training for infants and children of all ages in our exclusive facility, clubbed with our unique swimming program design to allow kids to advance in their swimming skills while ensuring that kids learn at an optimum rate in a safe and friendly environment. With a limit of 2 classes at a time, our recognised and much-appreciated kids program accompanying our specially designed facility provides confidence while learning swimming. This is why Star Swim schools are the ideal choice for most parents, and children, and why all of our customers love Star Swim Schools. Here's the best family business Franchisee opportunity for you. Our prospective pre-booking upfront programs brings assured revenue with better margins. This business model allows small scale franchisees to grow into multiple folds.

A franchise business that is prolific for long-term! Join Star Swim Schools for a faster growth!

Joining Star Swim Schools Group?

How do we approve a franchise?

The franchise approval is based on the applicants' fitness to carry out the business, similarly, it is checked whether the business is manageable and ideal for the applicant.

Do you have?

  • Passion and skill for working with children
  • Sufficient communication skills
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service
  • Necessary Financial background and stability needed to set up and maintain the swim school
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    Franchisee Application procedure

    You must fill in the application form.

    Our representatives from Star Swim schools will organise an appointment for a meeting. We will then explain our franchise business model, answering your questions and clarifying your doubts, and ensuring you understand our franchise system, as well as help you decide on whether Star Swim Schools is your ideal match. After the meeting with the Star swim schools representative, you will be guided to make necessary financial arrangements for the franchise. Post-meeting provided that both parties are in agreement and consent, you will receive our legal document pack. This pack contains a Disclosure Document of Franchise, Franchise Business Agreement and the Code of Contract of the Star swim schools franchise system.

    As a process to undertaking the franchise business, you will be required to deposit an initial sum that is fully refundable on closure with Star swim schools franchise program.The term of franchise either to be associated with Star Swim Schools or in case of returning documents, the initially deposited sum will be refunded.


    Becoming a swim school franchise owner is simple and easy with Star swim schools. We have affordable investment policy range. This allows you to join our full-fledged training program along with our complete support to avail the utmost support from our side for your successful future.

    There is an immense increase in demand for learn to swim programs throughout Australia. Swim schools are failing to meet this demand, and are forced to stretch past their limits but also turn back on many keen customers.

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    Your gateway into the franchise business model

    We designed this franchise business model to allow an easier entry into the swim school industry. Star swim schools engage in a personalised approach catered especially towards each child, using our delicate coaching techniques in our safe and serene environment.The advantage of owning a Star Swim School franchise is also the privilege of convenience and easy access. Centres are primarily managed by locally residing families. Our franchise business is built with the principle of making business simpler, and allowing access to all people within the proximity, which in turn makes it simple to manage this business setup.

    Our friendly and compact model is targeted to provide a personalised approach to all who are learning to swim via our high-quality program. This successful method will allow franchisees to expand with multi-unit ownership due to its simple format which supports the development of locations under one management.

    With Star Swim Schools, you can be reassured that business will continue to progress with our advance payment and lesson booking methods. With such a positive cash flow, business becomes easy and predictable and ensures that business always proceeds.

    The reason behind the reputation of star swim schools?

    Upon recent trend changes, parents are no longer in demand for larger swimming pool facilities or extensive routines. The current demand is for compact, customised pools that provide personalised and safer swimming sessions for kids. Parents appreciate personalised training setups for their kids, which allow for the improvement in aquatic ability, which is unrealistic in a large pool setup.

    Star Swim Schools provide all of the tools to ensure that parent feels comfortable with our program and are satisfied with their progress. This can be achieved by acknowledging their children’s performance daily and celebrating their kids growth as they master their aquatic skills.

    We have designed a convenient and secure franchise business model, designed carefully to ensure that all of our franchises are on the path to success, with our simplified strategy for investors and achievable profit margins.

    As a franchise, we take it as our responsibility to monitor business progression and ensure profitability is attained weekly and address any requirement for growth when necessary.

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    Workable and financially stable business

  • We offer profit on hands with achievable profit margins
  • Ensures cash flow due to advanced booking and payments.
  • We are a reputable and trusted brand in the swim school industry
  • We build an encouraging and safe atmosphere for children
  • We engage in only two classes at a time, allowing for more personalised lessons providing greater care to students
  • Enjoyable work culture
    Cherish every day of work and claim your reward!

    Our comfortable working culture rewards you with a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. Working with children is highly enjoyable, and teaching them a water survival skill will keep you engaged and provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Running a swim school means a great deal, as our teachers and franchise owners play a crucial role in every child’s life.

    Flexible working hours allows for simple and enjoyable work, and ensure a love for work and provides something to look forward to each day. Our working hours vary from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, and 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, providing you with a balanced work-life.

    There are many privileges to owning a Star Swim Schools franchise, including that the investment is not as demanding as other franchise programs, and that there is no need to know a great deal about the swimming school industry, as we provide complete support and also educate our new franchise owner to run the swim school successfully. If you’re looking to start your own business or to expand your business portfolio, Star swim schools provides the opportunity of a lifetime. Just fill in the franchise application form to begin your new business.

    With Star Swim Schools, you enter an assured business with negligible risk factors, due to our distinguished program which ensures your business progresses successfully, with our training and support to keep you on track!

    swimming lessons cranbourne
    swimming school

    Firm Market Scope

    The swim school industry has evolved exponentially as it’s a major life skill, which indicates the great scope of the market, which is further supported by an increasing population, orchestrating an ideal future for the swim school market.

    Demand for Swim Schools

    Despite the immense demand for Swim schools, there is an inadequate amount of high quality swimming centres available to fulfil the demand. Many children are unable to learn swimming lessons due to this high demand, regardless of the number of swim schools. This demand means that many swim schools have been forced to place students on waiting lists due to their inability to accommodate. This demand conveys a potential opportunity for more franchisees and centres.

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