Taking toddler for swimming for the first time :  Top tips

Your little angle toddles to walks and slip as they are small, it doesn’t give you comfort in swimming yourself alone. But don’t lose your hope, Here comes steps to master your fist swimming step with your baby.

Swim suit are a must

Your little one would certainly enjoys swimming in the swim nappies which are good and doesn’t log water in the nappy but in the most of the swim school normal standard nappies are restricted for swimming. So you cannot wear them to swim school. Swimming would be enjoyable only on the appropriate outfits such as trunks or wetsuit or a suitable swim suit which you can very well buy in any supermarket.

Go swim prepped

While leaving out your home to swim, first put on your baby with the swim nappy. Make sure you take a spare or two, in order to change your baby’s nappy, in case, if they need a change on the way to the pool. You can put over their wetsuit, trunks or any swimming costume after you reach the swimming pool. Possibly this can make your way much easier.

It is the same for you as well, but do note this, carry your bra along with knickers plus and your regular nappy more than one would do for your toddler afterwards.

Fist get changed yourself

It is not advisable to put your baby nappy first, while you are shivering in your swim suit and dripping chlorinated water around them.

It is wise to wrap your little one first with a big, warm and dry towel and get yourself sorted first. Your little one can be sorted after you get dried and dressed up.

Plan for a proper baby class

Many swim school offers a customized class for babies, where you may have to pay a little more than the normal class but the additional facilities you get for the price are reasonable, the course comes with facilities like warm pools, specialized coach, etc., Just check what is around your local area or ask the parents who are into baby swim classes.

Certainly, this sort of customized classes will give your baby the right guidance in the water, here the babies also get extra stuffs like changing mats over the side of pool, to anticipate for any mid-swim accident while swimming.

Check for toddler sessions at local swim school

If you don’t get such organized swim classes around your place, check with the local pool where most of the pools run babies swimming class and child sessions, here they take your child much easier to the pool and can enjoy lot more fun than those standard swimming pool along with the nonstop lengthy swimmers.

Carry a dressing gown or poncho towel for an older baby

If you take your toddler to the pool then a large towel with hood can swaddle them easily. But it may not work with your older kids; they may shrug or wriggle off the towel. It is wiser to go with a dressing gown or a poncho towel, so you can keep them over their head.

Keep the dressing gown or poncho accessible at the poolside to peel off its tops layer after swimming and they ll be little comfortable to warm in poncho or gown with their nappy under, and mean while you can sort yourself.

Time it at right time

Take your toddler at the right time, it is good to take your baby to swim when they are healthy but not unwell, and make sure they are fed and had enough rest before swim class for a better swimming experience.

More fun with bath toy

Carrying bath toys of their favorite can take your baby into the pool so easily and which can make them familiar. So engaging them with their favorite bath duck, or any other toy they like while bathing.