Star Swim Schools Cranbourne

Star Swim Schools was established on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons. We offer fun yet developmentally appropriate learn-to-swim environments, focused on producing quality training sessions with tangible results.

Learn to Swim

With our amazing kids swimming program, we train your children to learn lifesaving and competitive swimming skills in the pool. A swimming coach would help them breathe, put strokes into motion and float comfortably at first before gradually adding leg kicking and freestyle swim.

Baby Swimming

Baby swimming Class Cranbourne are the ideal way to introduce your baby or young toddler to water and make sure they feel at ease in it. Infants are born with primitive swimming reflexes which our teachers build upon and refine until your little one feels completely at ease moving through it.

Kids learn to enjoy the sensory experiences associated with being in water (touch, movement and resistance) which aids their brain development. Research has also demonstrated that kids who swim advance more rapidly in their learning than those who don't swim.

Baby swimming classes usually consist of small groups composed of parents and babies organized according to age. This ensures each receives the attention they require; parents and babies alike can bond together over shared fun, which helps create positive associations with being in water for both of them. lesson sizes typically consisting of one instructor - 4 Children in the class. It's also an opportunity for their teacher to get acquainted with your child better and understand his or her individual needs.

Adult Swimming

Star Swim Schools offers adult swimmers a selection of adult swimming classes to meet the individual needs of each student, such as beginner, advanced and lap classes. Lessons are available year-round and can be scheduled around your busy lifestyle - lesson sizes typically consisting of one instructor - 4 Adults in the class.

However it's never too late to start learning and our friendly teachers are here to assist you with reaching your goals.

Our experienced teachers possess the necessary expertise and skills to assist each of their students in reaching their swimming goals. By offering small class ratios with dedicated teachers for every individual student, we ensure they get all of the individual attention necessary to excel and build confidence around water. We provide lessons year round and encourage our students to continue attending sessions so that their hard earned skills don't fade away over time.

Swimming Lessons for womens

Our staff offers expert and patient instruction in a safe environment for participants comfortable swimming in deep water environments. Classes range from 4 people over 30 minutes. Classes sizes typically consisting of one instructor - 4 Women's in the class.

Swimming lessons Cranbourne provides participants with the skills for independent swim, float and balance; basic movements in the water such as gliding; breathing techniques for freestyle and backstroke. Intended for individuals who feel comfortable swimming deep water but who have never taken formal lessons before.

Swimmers will be introduced to fundamental strokes, training techniques that build endurance, as well as safety strategies.